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Space Ted, Wills, Back from Space Adventure

Our very own Bear, Wills, was launched into space today by a large weather balloon. As the children counted down, the balloon whisked Wills up into the air at a speed of 5 metres per second. As it was a clear sunny day we could see the balloon for a long time before it finally disappeared behind a cloud. The epic journey continued for Wills until he reached the dizzy height of 38.7 kilometres - the 3rd highest altitude achieved by the organisers! Once the balloon reached its optimum height it burst allowing Wills to return to earth, a little quicker than his ascent! He landed safely in a field about 30km away near Worcester. All components came down with him and were safely disposed of. We look forward to Wills returning to school so we can continue our space project, learning about the science and geography behind the launch and writing about Wills's adventure!