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Our Ethos

Vision and Ethos statement

Willersey Church of England Primary School has a long-standing reputation for providing a caring and secure start for children in their vital early years in education. We have a committed and enthusiastic staff who are working together to create a society of fulfilled, self-motivated young people who have a real understanding of the value of family, community and God’s love.


The National Curriculum is delivered as a tool to enable each child, irrespective of culture, gender, class or ability, to have every opportunity to experience quality education. We encourage each individual to reach their full potential, achieve confidence and self-worth, and nurture an understanding and respect for others. It is important that each child should recognise the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations and gain an understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live.


Based in a traditional building, and surrounded by beautiful countryside, we celebrate traditional values, whilst preparing our children for the future using up-to-date technology and learning aids.


The Teaching and Learning Policy forms the basis of what we believe is important in education and the practices you will see at Willersey Church of England Primary School.