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We aim to admit everyone who wants a place at our school, but there are times when demand exceeds space.  We work closely with the LEA and monitor our projected roll figures carefully on a three year forward plan.  However, parents do have to be active in seeking a place in our school.  In accordance with County recommendations we operate an Admissions Policy and the criteria are in priority order:


  • First priority will be given to children whose parents have applied for Willersey as their first preference.  Second and subsequent preferences will be considered after all first preferences have been allocated.


  • Children wishing to join an older brother or sister already attending the school.


  • Children living within the priority catchment areas normally served by the school.


  • Children with any authenticated medical reason for attending the school.


  • The proximity of the child’s home to the school as measured by the shortest reasonable walking route, as designated by the LEA, with those living nearest being accorded higher priority.


We are always pleased to show our school to prospective parents: just call up to arrange an appointment and you can see the school at work. If a family is moving into the area we have to ask that the move has been secured before an application can be made for a place at our school.