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♦ The Role of the Governing Body
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♦ Declaration of Governors' Interests


The Role of the Governing Body


The Governing Body has three primary areas of responsibility:

1. Strategic Direction

It sets the vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school. The Head Teacher’s input is also key to this role, where we look at how the school is performing, where and into what we would like to see it develop, and consider what we need to do to ensure that those aspirations are achieved.


2. Critical friend

In addition, governors hold the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and the performance management of staff. This is the 'critical friend' role, which runs through Governing Body meetings, committees and other interactions.


3. Financial Management

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure that its money is well spent.

In order to maximise efficiency, our Governing Body allocates many specific duties to 3 committees:
- Curriculum & Standards
- Finance & Staffing
- School Environment
These committees hold regular meetings through the year and report back to the full Governing Body meetings.


Individual governors are also responsible for supporting various aspects of the curriculum and perform Governor Visits on a regular basis. These Governor Visit findings are also reported to committees and the full Governing Body.




Appointed by

Date of Appointment


End of Term


Mrs Sally Jones


Governing Body


4 years


Environment Committee Chair

Mrs. Ann Embury

Local Authority

Governing Body


4 years


Curriculum & Standards Committee Chair

Mr. Mark Jackson






Head Teacher

Rev. Scott Watts Foundation Governing Body 01/09/2017      Vice-Chair
Mr. Ken Spensley Foundation Governing Body 01/09/2017 4  years 31/08/2021  
Mr Robert Callaghan Staff Governing Body 01/09/2017 4  years 31/08/2021 Class Teacher
Mr David Rees Parent Parent Election 16/10/2018 4 years 15/10/2022  
Mr Gareth Atkinson Co-Opted Governing Body 18/10/2018 4 years 17/10/2022 Chair of Governors

Mr. Steve Wood


Governing Body


4 years


Finance & Staffing Committee Chair


Clerk to the Governors - Mrs Christina Freeman 

Governor Meeting Attendance 


Name Committee Membership Governing Body Curriculum & Standards Committee Finance & Staffing Committee Ethos Committee School Environment Committee
Total Meetings   6 3 4 2 0
Rev. Scott Watts Ethos Committee 4 - - 2 -
Mr. Ken Spensley Ethos Committee (Chair) 6 - - 2 -
Mrs. Ann Embury Curriculum & Standards (Chair); Staffing & Finance 5 3 4 - -
Mr. Mark Jackson ALL 6 3 4 2 -
Mr. Steve Wood  Finance & Staffing (Chair); Environment  3 - 3 - 0
Mrs. Sally Jones Term began Sept 2017 3 - - - 0
Mr Robert Callaghan Curriculum & Standards 6 3 - - -
Mr. Gareth Atkinson Chair 1 of 1 -



- -
Mr David Rees   0 - - - -
Miss L Bearcroft Term ended Aug 2018 50%        


Declaration of Interest
Willersey Church of England Primary School Register of Interests of Governors
(to include relevant business interests, details of other governor posts & relationships)




Date of Declaration

Ann Embury

None declared


Mark Jackson



Steve Wood

None declared


Robert Callaghan Staff 4/10/2018
Sally Jones None declared 14/12/2018
Rev Scott Watts Clergy 30/11/2017
Gareth Atkinson None declared 4/10/2018
David Rees   By next meeting
Ken Spensley None declared 4/10/2018