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School Procedures during COVID Pandemic

Beginning of the school day:

  • Class 1: will enter their classroom via the side entrance (as they did during the summer term). The Children in class 1 will come in through the wooden gate, along the side of the school and up the slope to their classroom. This will be labelled with arrows as previously.

  • Class 2: will enter (and exit) through the blue door at the front of the school (as they did during the summer term)

  • All children will gel their hands on arrival and departure (and during the day). Children who cannot use gel will wash their hands promptly on arrival.

  • Adults are asked not to accompany their children into the school. A member of staff will be on duty each day.

  • Children in both classes should arrive between 8:40am and 8:50am (as was normal before the lockdown)

  • Children should wear school uniform



  • the tables will be set out in rows where this is practical

  • class 1 and 2 will be separate for the time being when they are in school. There will be separate class worship sessions (assemblies) and the children will eat their lunch with their class group. The school will, therefore, have two ‘bubbles.’ I am aware that there are siblings in both classes who will obviously mix with each other at home, but we have to do our bit to lessen the risk within school.

  • both classes will have separate playtimes for the time being

  • children will be encouraged and reminded to wash/gel their hands thoroughly and frequently

  • although the sharing of learning spaces (e.g the library and middle room) will be kept to a minimum, it is essential that these spaces are used in order for the children to be taught effectively. Therefore, once a group has finished using one of these spaces, the tables and chairs etc will be thoroughly sprayed and wiped down and cleaned before the next group uses the space.

  • Children will be reminded to use the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ procedures and to dispose of used tissues in the lidded bins in the classrooms

  • ‘touch points’ in classrooms will be cleaned regularly and rooms will be suitably ventilated

  • Children will have their own sets of pens and pencils to use in school. They should not be bringing in equipment from home, or any ‘show and tell’ items or toys for the moment.

  • An updated behaviour summary will be sent out to you next week for your information. Class teachers will be going through this with the children to ensure that everyone feels safe and clear on a few, important ground rules

  • Face masks are not (at present) recommended in primary schools in England for a number of reasons. However, if you wish your child to wear one to and from school, then they will need to bring a small plastic bag (e.g one with a zip-lock top) to place the mask in during the day. The same applies if you feel that they have a particular reason to wear a mask during the day -  they will need to bring a small bag in which to place the mask if they choose not to wear it. We cannot have face masks left loose on table-tops or around the school. If you feel that you child has a particular case to wear a mask, please do get in touch with us.


End of the day:

Class 1: the class teacher will come to the wooden gate and hand over the children individually to parents. Class 1 will finish at 3:10pm. Parents are asked to wait on the area outside the front of the school. These 5 minutes will give a few minutes for class 1 parents to collect their children and leave, whilst ensuring that parents with children in both classes do not have to wait for a long period of time.

Class 2: The children will come out of the blue door at the front of the school (as they did during the summer term). They will finish at 3:15pm.