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Who's Who

 Mr M Jackson

Head Teacher

 Miss I TouronKS1 Teacher  
 Mr R CallaghanKS2 Teacher  
 Mrs J HartshorneTeacher  
 Mrs H MooreTeaching Assistant  
 Mrs V BlackwellTeaching Assistant
 Mrs H Watts-JonesTeaching Assistant
 Mrs C MatthewsTeaching Assistant
 Mrs B PootsMidday Supervisor and Caretaker
 Mrs G LowtherMidday Supervisor and Breakfast Club Leader  
 Mrs C Byrd


 Mrs T BakerParent Support Adviser  


Parent Support Adviser

Our PSA, Mrs Tracey Baker, is available to all parents and carers of children at Willersey School. Her role is to provide friendly, confidential and non-judgmental support and advice on family and school matters. She can also help with Adult Learning, Counselling, Parenting Skills, Children’s Centres, Health Services and a range of further support options.   To arrange an appointment with Mrs Baker please email at any time; Mrs Baker’s dedicated PSA day in School is Thursday (parents/carers can contact her ‘in school’ on this day). There is no charge for this service. 


Our School Dog, Margot

Every Thursday our school dog, Margot, comes in to school with Mrs Baker. 


It has been shown that through contact with a dog, children can benefit both educationally and emotionally, increasing their understanding of responsibility and developing empathy and nurturing skills. In addition to these benefits, children take great enjoyment from interaction with a dog.


Margot is a Labradoodle, chosen for her temperament and her hypoallergenic properties. She has been specially trained to work with children and she will be introduced slowly to new pupils.