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Snow Closures

Snow Closure/short notice school closure procedures


It is time for a reminder about snow closure/short notice closure procedures. The numbered sections below outline how a message concerning unplanned school closure will be communicated to you.

  1. Gloucestershire ‘closed schools’ website:

  2. We will also send a text message from our messaging service.

  3. Our website will also carry a message:

    Please be aware that the website will be updated after the previous two sources of information.

  4. Local Radio stations will read out a list of closed schools in the event of snow or other ‘mass closure.’


    If all else fails (e.g due to a widespread power-cut) we will endeavour to have a notice placed on the school gate.


    Now would be a good opportunity to ensure that school has your correct, up-to-date phone number for the text-messaging service (and any other contact details). Please let the office know if you have changed your number.


    Thank you.