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RSPB Birdwatch

Class Two had a wonderful morning out this week. We went to the Forest School camp looking out for birds and counting them for the RSPB bird count. Before venturing out, we looked at lots of pictures of birds and learnt how to identify different species. One of our neighbours, Bob Topp, is a keen ornithologist and he joined the class, along with Ken Spensely, who is a Governor of the school. Bob and Ken were brilliant at spotting different types of birds and explaining what to look for.They provided lots information and guidance on how to identify the birds from the way they look and the sounds they make. We spotted lots of birds, including blackbirds, blue tits, woodpigeons, robins (lots!), sparrows, chaffinch, great tits, starlings, jackdaws, wren, carrion crows and even a greater spotted woodpecker. Thank you to Bob and Ken for your help and also for sharing your binoculars.