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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


We are Class 2 and we are taught by Mr Callaghan, Mr Jackson and Mrs Moore.  We are year 3, year 4, year 5 and year 6. Here are some of the things we've been doing recently ....

Willow's Diary


Every week we have a mini marines session with former marines. We learn practical skills, such as first aid, as well as life skills, such as resilience and team work. Visit the Gallery to see pictures of some of our activities ....

Our Space Project

Science - watching things grow

Spring Posies

Class 2 have been learning about flowers and how they grow. Last week they prepared

spring posies for the Family Service at St Peter's Church (Sunday 18th March). These were handed out at the service - a lovely brightener on a wintery, snowy day in March!

Elite Commando


Class Two are enjoying their weekly activities with former marines, learning about resilience and teamwork.

RSPB Birdwatch

Class Two enjoyed a morning at the Forest School camp looking out for birds and counting them for the RSPB bird count. Before venturing out, the class looked at pictures of birds and learnt how to identify the different species. One of our neighbours, Bob Topp, is a keen ornithologist and he joined the class, along with Ken Spensely, who is a Governor of the school. Both provided lots of insights, information and guidance on how to identify the birds from the way they look and the sounds they make. The children were enthused and identified lots of birds, including a greater spotted woodpecker! A big thank you to Bob and Ken for your help and also for sharing your binoculars.


Tea and Christmas Songs with Willersey Wednesday Club

The children from Class Two were invited to tea at the Willersey Wednesday Club this week. The children sang Christmas songs beautifully and then enjoyed a lovely Christmas tea afterwards. We were very proud of their performance and the way they represented the school.


Class Two Rocks!

We've been testing lots of different types of rocks and will be sharing our findings soon. See the Gallery for more pictures showing our class at work ...

This Term's Topic is Volcanoes

In our topic we’ve been learning about volcanoes and we’ve developed some amazing volcanic eruptions in school!! We’ve had some fantastic homework brought in and the children are extremely proud of their models. Tectonic plates have been our topic of discussion this week and the children have been identifying where the plates meet, the countries most affected and the implications of the plates meeting.


See the Gallery for more pictures ....

Year 3 and Year 4 Poems ....

Years 3 and 4 have written poems about famous Australian landmarks. Click here to enjoy them ....

Class Two Science

Our Science Investigation: What makes the ‘best’ sand castle?

The children experimented with different amounts of water to find the best ratio of sand to water. After lots of failures (too slushy, too dry, too enthusiastic when tipping out the sand castle!), the overall winners were Zac and Theo. The ‘best’ sandcastle was the one which could support the greatest weight (mass) and the boys’ castle managed to balance an amazing 1.6kg without collapsing!! See the Gallery for more pictures ...

Class 2 Residential at Croft Farm

The children loved their 3-day / 2-night trip to Croft Farm. They slept in cabins and enjoyed climbing, raft-building and sailing (ask Mr Callaghan who got the most wet!). The evenings were spent around the camp fire and at the disco with other schools. Go to the Gallery to see the pictures ....

Summer Term Topic

Our topic this term is Australia! As well as looking at the history, language and food of Oz, we've worked really hard building Australian landscapes .......

Some of our Recent Activities