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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1


We are Class 1 and we are taught by Miss Touron, Mr Jackson and Mrs Blackwell.  We are Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. You can see below some of the things that we've been doing ....

Forest School

We have been enjoying exploring the Autumn changes in our Village. Please visit the Gallery to see pictures of our fun on Wednesday mornings ....

Black Country Museum

Class One loved their trip to the Black Country Living Museum where they had a little taste of what life was like 100 years ago. They had a lesson in a Victorian school and found the teacher to be VERY strict! They learnt that children in Victorian days had to pay to go to school. Children had to look smart and they wrote on slate, not on paper. Our children then looked at a long canal boat that was used to transport goods along rivers: it had a very small area for living. They then went into a Victorian house and learnt about how families cooked their meals and washed their clothes. Before leaving to come home, the children enjoyed looking around a very old fashioned shop from 100 years ago!


Visit the Gallery to see more pictures from our great day out!

Mobile Library with Year 2

The Year 2 children enjoyed a visit to the Mobile Library with Mr Jackson and Mrs Hartshorne. This is a great service to the village and the children loved browsing the selection of books. Here they are with their selections ... visit the Gallery to see more pictures.

Forest School

Class One spend Wednesday mornings at Forest School learning about the environment, nature and weather. Visit the Gallery to see some great pictures of the wonderful adventures the children have been enjoying ...

Our topic, 'Growth and Change'

We have been looking at at seeds, germination, growth, flowering and fruiting. We enjoyed using some British grown produce to make a summer salad which the children prepared carefully and enjoyed eating.

Wills's Latest Adventure

Here are some pictures from our celebrity Space Bear Wills's adventure with new reception pupil, Fay, who took him out for a day ..

Forest School

Click on the link to see what we've been doing at Forest School...